Screenlight: What Does Remembering Look Like?

Creative Industries Trafford presents

Screenlight: What Does Remembering Look Like? SAT 01 APR - SAT 24 JUN



'What Does Remembering Look Like?' is a documentary-style film from Amelia Land, showing how memory manifests itself physically on the human body through our movements and body language.

Although the film was coordinated within an interview atmosphere, with the camera remaining still in a specific angle and the subjects answering questions; Amelia had no control over what the participants did or how they acted. This resulted in a finished film which mostly relies upon human nature and behaviour.

The film presents the physicality of 'remembering' by delivering it to you in noticeable stages - hand gestures, laughing, nostalgic glances, body movements, touching faces and closing eyes. It is fascinating as a viewer to be a fly-on-the-wall and be able to view human behaviour and social interaction in such an intimate way.

Amelia Land is an emerging multi-disciplinary creative practitioner, developing a career in creative direction, production and project management. Amelia describes herself as a “serial creative problem-solver who loves to work outside the box with research-led ideas and unconventional materials.”

Screenlight is a showcase for work by artists working with digital media, animation and the moving image. The display is managed by Creative Industries Trafford as part of the artist development programme at Waterside.


Sat 01 Apr - Sat 24 June 2023

Free entry

Open Mon - Sat 10:00 – 17:00


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