Groove Baby presents

Groove Onto The Moon

£11.50 ADULT / £9.50 CHILD


Strap in and prepare to blast off on a cosmic adventure like no other as you venture into the thrilling music experience of Groove Onto the Moon!

In this fun sci-fi adventure, children aged 3 to 7 and their adventurous grown-ups will be transported into space, encountering alien creatures, embarking on daring missions, and facing challenges that will put their bravery to the test.

Follow three intrepid astronaut friends on a mission to discover the first lunar footprint left by Neil Armstrong, proving to their grown-ups that they're ready for big-kid adventures!

Amidst mesmerising animation and interactive theatre, our young explorers will navigate a galaxy filled with wonder and excitement. Guided by the pulsating rhythms of hard-grooving funk, jazz, and rock music performed by the outstanding Groove Baby Organ Trio, they'll embark on a journey of friendship, teamwork and adventure.

Specially crafted as a midpoint between kid shows and 'regular' adult concerts, this show offers something for all astronauts, aliens and space pirates.

The duration of this performance is approximately 65 minutes, suitable for children ages 3 to 7 and their grown-ups.

Groove Baby is all about family fun. Created in 2013 to provide parents with the chance to enjoy concert hall-quality music in a child-friendly setting, these shows have evolved into a unique and undeniably cool form of musical theatre.

Featuring standout musicians from the UK jazz and contemporary circuit, Groove Baby shows are a beloved favourite among families, lighting up theatres and festivals across the UK.


65 mins, no interval


3-7 years, plus families


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Youtube: @GrooveBabyMusic



  1. Feb. 9, 2025, 11 a.m. → Book Now