When anxiety and poor postural habits seem to affect most of us, including children, making yoga accessible to the little ones is even more pertinent. Children are naturally quick, curious and eager to learn and that's why kids yoga classes are dynamic, varied and full of adventures! We use play and imagination to explore and learn yoga poses that improve posture, flexibility, strength, balance and coordination, and help children feel good in their body and mind. Yoga is non-competitive and helps develop social skills, concentration, confidence and, above all, kids yoga is fun!

How do kids yoga classes work?

We start a kids yoga class seated on the floor or standing still to gather everyone. We warm up by jumping or running on the spot, activating our legs and arms, and developing coordination. We explore our body parts and find other ways of moving our bodies and moving in space, learning yoga standing poses, poses on our backs, on our bellies, new poses every time!

Ages 5 – 9 - children learn different yoga poses through game and play. They are encouraged to interact and trust each other through partner and group poses.

All classes end with a restful guided relaxation.

About Catarina Portugal

Catarina Portugal is an experienced yoga practitioner and Iyengar yoga teacher, DBS approved to teach children.

Catarina started ballet classes when she was 4 years old and has only good memories from those early movement explorations. She carried on dancing into her adulthood and that’s how she found yoga. She has been teaching since 2013 and loves to create fun adventures for children to discover the world of yoga.


45 minute session, 11:00 - 11:45




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