Far Gone Productions present

Far Gone

£12 FULL / £10 CONC


“If I invited you to come with me on a journey, a story, will you come with me?”

Far Gone is a gut kicking physical performance with humour, poetry, and the horrors of being a child soldier. It follows the life of Okumu, an innocent boy living with a good family in Northern Uganda. When his village is attacked by Joseph Kony’s Lords Resistance Army (LRA), him and his brother are captured and their lives are forever changed. We follow Okumu through this transformation from boy to child soldier. The boy struggles to fit into the bush life he’s been forced into until one day an unexpected visitor appears.

Written and performed by John Rwoth-Omack, this one man play also explores how historically political and religious decisions made by western powers contributed to civil wars in Africa which in turn gave birth to the existence of a child soldier.

Has much changed?


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Please call 0161 912 5616 or visit Waterside in person to take advantage of this offer.


Written and performed by John Rwothomack

Directed by Moji Elufowoju


70 minutes, no interval

There will be post-show Q+A after a short break.





  1. April 22, 2020, 7:30 p.m. → Book Now