Waterside Moving Image Commissions




Waterside Moving Image Commissions 2019

Artists Name: Ian Malhotra
Title of work: Potosi Rising
Format: Single Track Video
Dates: Fri 1 Feb - Sat 23 Mart

Potosi Rising is a looped animated drawing exploring how digital information and tangible visual information can interplay. The marks rise randomly, ‘printing’ column by column, inspired by a malfunctioning inkjet that produced images in degraded strips. 

The slowly accumulating six thousand marks reveal the visual image in a moment of stability, where the viewer’s brain can briefly recognise the shape of the six-thousand-metre-high landscape built up cyclically by the tonal differences in the Morse Code letters for P, O, T, O, S, I, before disappearing to begin the process again. Therefore, although the information carried in the entire image moves through multiple processes, it is identical to just six of its marks.

About the Artist 

Ian Malhotra is a Birmingham born artist now based in London.

Malhotra’s interdisciplinary practice explores recurring themes of simulation, language, [mis]translation and the transmission of visual information. Using computer generated and found imagery as a source, he explores these images innate qualities through laborious reinterpretation by hand using machine-like systems of drawing that parody digital processes of reproduction and transmission. Many of these drawings then form the basis of a variety of live performances, installations, video and sound works that engender questions of authorship, labour and if ownership of imagery is possible in our digital world.

Having graduated from Manchester School of Art in 2014, he has continued to make and show work in exhibitions, publications and residencies across the UK. He is now based in London studying on the MA Print course at the Royal College of Art.