Waterside Moving Image Commissions




Waterside Moving Image Commissions 2019

Artists Name: Richard Evans

Title of work: Sentinel: At The Ends of the World
Dates: Fri 12 Apr - Sat 06 Jul

Sentinel (noun): a person or object which watches over and protects.

At The Ends of the World is a new audio and video installation from the Sentinel project, a performance combining electronic music, data visualisations and video to explore climate change in sound and light.

The piece is in three acts: long notes accompany scenes from the polar ice caps as a newsreaders voice distorts and decays into the background. As the ice melts, data visualisations depict rising temperatures and the decline in levels of polar ice over the last century. The sun morphs in and out of shape as temperatures and sea levels fluctuate, the future unknown as climate change affects all life on Earth.

About the Artist  - Richard Evans

Sentinel is conceived and composed by Richard Evans, an electronic music composer based in Manchester, UK. 

His projects take inspiration from real-world science to explore biotechnology, machine intelligence and the environment. His works have received eight awards from Arts Council England along with commissions from the University of Manchester and Manchester Science Festival.