Screenlight - Micro-Commissions 2018

Artists Name: Rado Daskalov
Title of work: Commute
Format: Single Channel Video
Dates: 8 May  - 12 June

'Commute' is a short time lapse video created from a series of photographs with the same name. It shows the use of experimental long exposure photography as an attempt to reclaim the time invested in commuting.

After several months of spending more than two hours each day in the car on my way to and from work, it became apparent how much time and energy was lost in the day. Queues and traffic jams made the journey difficult and stressful. In the darker months of the year, the entire journey was done without ever seeing the sun. The frustration with this, combined with a fascination with the idea of recording an entire event into a single photograph, created this project.

It features one hundred photographs captured over fifty days. Each image has an exposure time longer than an hour, it compresses the entire duration of the trip into a single point of visual expression. Every car, pedestrian, billboard and street lamp, all the twists and turns in the road and all the motorway stretches, they were all captured, but only those that remained still for long enough or shined brightly enough left a recognisable trace. The abstract compositions reflect the fleeting nature of these moments, and that quality is amplified by displaying the images at ten frames a second.

 Artist Statement

Photography might be the most important form of visual expression in the 21st century. In one way or another, all of us consume and create images, and the way in which we do so plays a significant role in establishing our identities and the visual code of our culture.
From this perspective, my desire is to examine and expand the language of photography. I use a combination of traditional and contemporary techniques in an attempt to create new ways of photographic expression. The resulting projects often sit outside of the conventions of the medium.

Rado Daskalov is a Bulgarian photographer based in Manchester, UK. After receiving his B.A. honours in photography from the University of Bolton in 2014, he has continued to work on commercial and artistic projects.